Coaching and mentoring

I work with professionals as a coach or mentor to help them become more effective in their roles. I typically work with:

  • Leadership teams
  • Middle or senior managers, often around the time of promotion to new roles.
  • Staff returning to work from a period of absence.
  • Junior or new staff wishing to gain confidence and efficacy in their roles.
  • Self-employed professionals / social entrepreneurs wanting to develop their business.

The sorts of outcomes achieved by the individuals and teams working with me are:

  • A smoother process of transition into a new role or organisational structure.
  • Insights into their core values & strengths, and how best to work in line with these.
  • More effective leadership.
  • Increased confidence in their own judgments and decisions.
  • Identified strategies to manage conflicting demands on their time.
  • Better communication with clients and colleagues.
  • Greater clarity in communicating their offering to clients.
  • Enhanced impact of formal and on the job training.


Working with leaders, emerging leaders and other professionals, I offer a confidential, neutral space in which to discuss, analyse, reflect and plan. By asking the right questions at the right time, I help my client to clarify their thinking and access inner knowledge or insights that they may not reach on their own. My coaching style has been described as warm, empathetic, and at the same time structured, rigorous, and transformational.

When coaching a whole team, rather than just one individual, my role is to help the team think better, reflect better, have better dialogue and improved awareness of their shared mission and individual roles.


When mentoring I am working with individuals in situations where my professional expertise or experience is of relevance to the client’s situation. My approach is heavily influenced by my training as a coach, in that I will always favour asking the sorts of questions that help my clients unlock their own insights, rather than providing explicit advice. However, I will share my own experience and points of view where these are invited and deemed helpful by my client.

See the following links for more details of how I work, some concrete examples of my work, and how others have found working with me.