How I work

I don’t have a one-size fits all approach, but tailor what I do to the needs of my clients. I always meet with potential clients free of charge to explore what they hope to get out of the work we do together, how best they reflect and learn, and whether my background and approach are well suited to their needs. We also explore what sort of ‘package’ of support is best suited to their needs and budget. If we decide to go ahead, these issues are examined more fully in an ‘intake session’ at the beginning of our work together.

I usually work with coaching clients in packages of between 6 and 10 sessions, of an hour to an hour and a half, over a period of six to twelve months. I find a gap of 3-4 weeks between sessions is best for most clients, to allow time for reflection and any ‘homework’ in between sessions. We sometimes work together  face to face either in my office or in the client’s place of work. However I also work successfully with clients over the phone or by Skype or Zoom.

My approach tends to be a mixture of structured conversation and the use of specific tools and exercises chosen according to the needs and preferred learning styles of my client. I am an accredited partner of Strengthscope® , and as such can offer a range of different profiles for individuals, leaders and teams, all with the option of including 360 degree feedback.

My intuition plays a large part in my work, and clients appreciate the extent to which my simple yet powerful questions stimulate deep awareness.

When the client brief requires a team approach or more than one coach, I work in association with other trusted professionals.