My job as a facilitator is to enable people working together to have better conversations, to learn about and with each other, and to make decisions. The meetings and workshops I facilitate have many different purposes, from creating a cohesive vision, developing a strategic plan, or brainstorming options and feasibility for future programming. Participants range from members of long-established teams working together routinely to representatives of organisations being brought together by a third party and never having previously met.

My approach encourages participation, enjoyment and creativity, and yet always focuses on the desired outcomes and what is practical for achieving these.

I always invest time up front working with the client to understand the purpose and desired outcomes of the meeting or workshop. Ideally I will then meet or at least speak with members of the participant group to better understand the context in which they are working. Understanding the purpose, group and context informs the workshop design. I draw on a wide range of facilitation tools and techniques, choosing those appropriate to drive towards the desired outcomes. I ensure we have freedom within the structure to permit a wide range of possibilities.