Why work with me

Maximise your impact:

  • Clarify your goals
  • Understand and capitalise on your strengths
  • Check your assumptions
  • Learn from both your successes and your failures

Being really clear about what we want to achieve, be it for ourselves or for others, is rarely straightforward. Even when the vision is clear, the pathways to get there are often not. We are rarely fully aware of our unique strengths and how to capitalise on them. The choices we have to make between different options can feel paralysing. Add in to the mix the assumptions that we make about ourselves and others, often without fully analysing the evidence, and the journey from A to B can be frustratingly slow and difficult to understand.

I work with organisations and individuals to help them clarify the change they wish to bring about, and how to use the resources they already have to move forward. I also help my clients to recognise what success looks like and how it can be measured, as well as how continually to learn and adapt along the way.

I do this through offering coaching and mentoring for individuals and teams, facilitating workshops and key strategic meetings, and helping organisations identify how best to measure impact and learn from change.